Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review for Tighter by Adele Griffin

Tighter is a young adult book written by Adele Griffin. It is a stand alone novel.

i don't know how this book got on my to-read list but i wish that it never was and that i could take back the time i wasted reading this book. i actually finished the entire book with a minimal use of skimming, so for that i am proud. but actually comprehending what was going on, that didn't happen.

JAMIE, who has been a little depressed, goes to little bly to babysit some kid so that she can take her mind off her troubles. okay so far so good, i'm into the story. then some ghosts get involved. now i'm excited, i love a good ghost story. then some other crap happens, i'm not entirely sure what. and then...AND THEN the ending happens and i wanna strangle somebody. i mean, is this real? did i just read what i think i read? i hated how the book finished things. i wanted the whole island that they were on to drown. that would have been more satisfying then having the main character SPOILER be diagnosed with schizophrenia END SPOILER.