Saturday, April 25, 2015

Things are (mostly) good

I was riding high with these fresh crop of books, except for one. There's always a speed bump in the road but I flew right over that thing and went on to read some really great books over the past week. I love it when a book is so good that you're reluctant to put it down. You don't want to waste another moment not reading it.

The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan
The second novel of the Kane chronicles

I didn't like this book as much as the first one. It lacked...chemistry with the reader, who is me lol. I was mostly annoyed with Carter and Sadie. They were making stupid mistakes that just happened to work out for them in the long run. I didn't appreciate that at all. Let these kids learn from their own screw ups instead of punishing supporting characters. With the next book being the last one of the series, I hope these siblings right their wrongs in a way that satisfies me. I don't want to end this on a bad note.

Black Widow Vol 2: The Tightly Tangled Web
The collection of comics 7-12 about Black Widow's life

This was an orgy of awesomeness. You get Daredevil, the Punisher, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Anderson Cooper?! My heart was full with delight. I wish I had the next book already. The story is just getting good.

Panic by Lauren Oliver
A young adult novel about two teens competing for money in a dangerous game

So, here we are. Another book that I was looking forward to reading has completely disappointed me. The plot was just...stupid. That's the only word I can use to describe it. These kids started a game that had the potential to be a gripping look at social hierarchy. Instead, it's a series of challenges that put people at risk for no reason except boredom. Once Russian Roulette was added as an obstacle, I gave up all hope for this novel. And it doesn't help that the characters aren't very likable. I mean, Dodge is planning a murder. And this is the guy I'm supposed to be rooting for? I think not. I was hoping to fall in love with this book like Before I Fall. Unfortunately, I had the opposite reaction.

Hard Knocks by Lori Foster
A prequel novella for the new Ultimate romance series

Lori Foster never fails to entertain me. Her romance novels always puts a smile on my face and gives a jump start to my libido. The couple this time around, Gage and Harper, just about melt your heart. They are so cute and have great chemistry. I wish they had a full length novel all to themselves instead of a novella. But I'll take whatever I can get with this new series. here's to many more couples who are equally as hot as these two.

The Throne of Fire (Kane Chronicles, #2)Black Widow, Vol. 2: The Tightly Tangled WebPanicHard Knocks (Ultimate, #0.5)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Read-a-thon

I've been such a busy bee with my reading lately. I've read some really great books and some total abominations. But that's the way it goes. The good always comes with the bad.

The Shadow Cabinet by Maureen Johnson
The third book of the Shades of London series

This was the best one yet. The character development was lacking but I was so intrigued by the new supernatural elements to the story that I didn't care too much. I mean, damn! It was awesome all the way around. And that last chapter really got to me. Sid and Sadie are ruthless and I love it. I can't wait to read more about them.

Deadman Wonderland Vol. 2
Ganta has to fight to survive in this second installment to the manga series

These books are just dark and twisted. I love it! Ganta is a great protagonist; you can't help but to root for him.

How to Kill a Monster by R.L. Stine
The 46th book of the original Goosebumps series

That was just horrible. You can't give a non-ending like that. What the hell are these kids supposed to do now? If you ask me, they're as good as dead.

Black Widow Vol 1: The Finely Woven Thread by Nathan Edmondson
The Marvel story for Black Widow

So, that was fun. Natasha is such a bad ass. The art is flat out amazing. She's drawn beautifully. The action scenes all make sense. I'm not confused with what's going on and who just got blown to bits. It's clear and direct, just like the writing. Edmondson has written himself a fine story and I can't wait to read more. Plus, that small cameo of Hawkeye was worth it and hilarious.

The Story of Babar by Jean de Brunhoff
A classic children's picture book 

I just thought I'd save you the trouble of reading this stupid kid's book by writing everything that happens.

There's an elephant named Babar who has a pretty good life and is being raised by a great mom. Then she's murdered by hunters right in from of him. He runs away to the city where an old woman takes him in. Honestly, I think they're a bit more than friends if you catch my drift. Years pass before two random elephants come running to the city too. And who do they find? Babar and his old lady "friend". He gets them some clothes and tries to make them conform to the posh society but decides this is his chance to escape and dumps his girlfriend and heads back to the forest. On the drive there, he becomes engaged to the girl elephant, not even mourning his recent split from Old Lady. Once he arrives at the forest, he's made king, gets married, and is off to who knows where for his honeymoon. 


Perfect Peace by Daniel Black
A story about a young black boy who is raised as a girl in the south

I stayed up all night reading this book. It was too good to put down once I got started. Perfect Peace is such a compelling character. I felt so bad for her. I just knew her life would be tragic, at least for a while. And she's not the only interesting person in this story. Each character has their own charm to them, adding something special to the story. I will say that this book lacked a sense of direction but I enjoyed the ride nonetheless. The ending was abrupt and could have been fleshed out more but I'm happy with the conclusion. If Black wants to revisit Perfect for a follow up novel, I'll be the first one to read it.

The Shadow Cabinet (The Shades of London)Deadman Wonderland, Vol. 2How to Kill a Monster (Goosebumps, #46)Black Widow, Vol. 1: The Finely Woven ThreadThe Story of BabarPerfect Peace