Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review for Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger

Etiquette & Espionage is the first installment of the Finishing School series written by Gail Carriger. It is a prequel series, set 25 years earlier to the Parasol Protectorate books. The next book in this series is titled Curtsies & Conspiracies .

what happened? where did the awesomeness from the Parasol Protectorate series go? i was expecting to be pulled into the plot and the characters but i stayed firmly on the surface with this book.

Sophronia is a young girl who is sent to finishing school by her mother. she is always in trouble and has the worst curtsy known to man. so this school could solve all Sophronia's unladylike problems. but on the way there with three other students, there is an attack and she learns what the "finish" in finishing school actually means.

since this book was set in the same world as the Parasol Protectorate series, i was already familiar with the paranormal theme, which i enjoyed the most. the werewolf and vampire teacher are entertaining to say the least, even though they're not really in the book. there was also Soap, a "colored" boy who worked in the boiler room. i really liked every scene when he was involved. there's no romance between him and Sophronia but i could see one growing in future novels.

now i think it's very telling that i talked about background characters before i talked about the main ones. and the reason for that is they were kind of boring. Sophronia, as the main character, was somewhat dull. she just felt like a carbon copy of Alexia from the Parasol Protectorate books. her best friend, Dimity, was a washed up version of Alexia's scatterbrained friend. every thing just felt recycled. it was total deja vu. i had already read this before; i don't need it repackaged into a young adult book.

i will not being continuing this series. the ending to this wrapped things up nicely and i don't care enough about any of these characters to see what happens to them next. now if i see from other readers that the second book is extremely better, then i might consider reading it. but until then, this is a closed book on this series.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cover and Title Reveal for Write to Read Novella

This project is the baby of a friend of mine's. Her name is Chamera Sampson and she is a very talented author. I am proud to have the reveal of the first Write to Read project here on this blog. Down below is everything you need to know!  To learn more about the Write to Read projects, go visit Chamera's blog.

Title & Cover Reveal for
the first Write to Read Project

Title: The Struggle of Me
 Write to Read Project, #1
Expected Publication: March 23, 2013
Genre: YA Contemporary

After the death of their parents, Derrick and Arriane are whisked away to Maine to live with their aunt. Years later, they find themselves back in their small hometown of Cooper’s Pointe, and residing with their older brother, Lucas. What neither of them knew was that Lucas, who was already slowly heading towards self-destruction when they left, had become far worse than they, or their aunt, could have expected.

Skylar is popular. The idea of popularity has consumed her for years, but the stigma of her past continues to haunt her. When the handsome bully from her younger years- and ex-best friend- comes back into town with a slew of problems of his own, Skylar has to consider her options: get revenge, or learn to forgive?

The Struggle of Me is a touching story highlighting the individual pains of Derrick, Arriane, Skylar, and Lucas. Will they defeat the obstacles that hinder them or will they be defeated by the struggles that bind them?

Authored By (in alphabetical order):
Ressa Empbra, Adeeb F., Wanda Hartzenberg, Alishia Ruly, Chamera Sampson, Tanisha Webb, Diara Williams

The Struggle of Me
is the first project by Write To Read. The idea for Write to Read came to Chamera Sampson’s mind at the end of 2011. Immediately, she decided to try to develop an inkling of an idea into something more.

What Write to Read Does:

Write to Read started with the idea that everyone has the right to read something they would enjoy. Unfortunately, many people do not have the resources to do so. Write to Read is dedicated to donating money and other related resources to the causes that directly aid literacy development and an interest in reading to people around the world. How, you may ask?
Well, each project is started with volunteers to write. The Struggle of Me started as an idea to have multiple people taking turns writing on a solitary short story to be published as an electronic book. Hence, the name Write to Read.

We believe the story, which quickly transformed into more of a novella, is a great one.

Where Proceeds Go:

Two years’ proceeds for Write to Read project #1 will be donated to
Reading is Fundamental. Any proceeds made after will fund a future project.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Review for Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park is a young adult novel written by Rainbow Rowell.

an advance copy of this book was provided by Goodreads

Eleanor is the new girl in school and she can't help but stand out. she's a little on the thick side and has wild curly red hair. not to mention her clothes make it seem like she just went dumpster diving. Park sees her on the school bus and thinks what everyone else is thinking, "This girl is asking for it." lending a reluctant helping hand, Park lets her sit next to him. and so starts one of the sweetest love stories i have ever read.

Eleanor is one of my all time favorite female characters. she's such a strong individual but also has the ability to be vulnerable with Park. she fights against their attraction but also throws caution to wind to be with him. she's always in contradiction with herself and i love it. her home life made me sympathetic to her without crossing over to the soap opera drama SPOILER except at the end when her stepfather loses his shit END SPOILER

Park is my boyfriend now. despite the fact that he's a fictional character, i think we can be very happy together. he's such a sweetheart in the book. his family was hilarious to me, especially his mom. i thought the changes he made while he was with Eleanor SPOILER and after she left END SPOILER were amazing...and hot. i mean i love guy liner so he definitely could have gone to second base just on that alone. he's just awesome, enough said.

i loved the alternating chapters. it's always a good thing to get both sides of a love story so you know what each person is really thinking and feeling. Park's chapters were more interesting to me. despite the author being female i thought she had a better feel for a male voice. i'm very glad i won this book and that it's a part of my collection because i plan on reading this again and again.