Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review for The Innocent Sleep by Karen Perry

The Innocent Sleep is written by Karen Perry. Karen Perry is the pen name for authors Paul Perry and Karen Gillece.

This novel was won through Goodreads for a honest review

HOLY SHIT. that's all i can say about how this book ended. i did not see the twist coming. i thought i had figured out how it would end but i was totally taken for a ride those last few chapters. the writing is amazing. i was apprehensive at first to read it because it's not something i would normally read. but the authors were having none of that and pulled me right into the marriage of Harry and Robin.

five years after losing their son in a tragic accident, Harry and Robin are finally moving past their grief and have started living again. that is, until Harry spots his son in a crowd and sets off on a destructive path to find out the truth. the back and forth chapters were great. the story flowed smoothly without getting stuck in one character's POV more than the other. Harry's chapters were more nerve wrecking, almost bordering on manic. Robin was more calm in her story telling but was just as depressing as her husband's.

this story about broke my heart. i was screaming at the book in my head, taking a serious pause towards the end when the mystery is revealed. i'm still surprised that i didn't see it coming. one of the pieces of the puzzle, i had figured out somewhere toward the middle of the novel but that was only a drop in the bucket of crap thrown at me in the last pages. by the end, Robin has taken on Harry's role of despair but for different reasons. the book leaves you with an open-ended scenario that you know won't work out for anyone. but this book is so good that it's worth it.