Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review for The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is the first of the Mara Dyer series written by Michelle Hodkin.

WTF did i just read? this book was just...not good. i was gonna say something rude but i don't wanna be dubbed a bully lol. this was a complete waste of my time. i thought i was reading a paranormal teen romance but all i got was an over the top, barely paranormal piece of crap. it didn't get supernatural until the VERY END. no lie, the whole book basically read as a romance and coming of age story until (view spoiler)SPOILER Mara kills a bunch of people and Noah sees it for himself  END SPOILER. but that's it for something being out of the ordinary.

and then you wanna throw a cliffhanger at the end and try to entice me to read the second one? bullshit on that. i am not and will never read the next book in this series or the one after that. this book left a bad taste in my mouth and i don't think it'll ever go away.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Review for Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck

Tiger's Voyage is the third installment of the Tiger Saga series written by Colleen Houck. The first two novels are Tiger's Curse and Tiger's Quest, respectively.

the book before this one was amazing. this one, not as much. Kelsey was just so annoying in this installment of a great series. she whined the whole book until the end. she kept playing with Ren and Kishan when she knows she needs to be with Ren. i mean, i want her to ultimately choose Kishan but we all know that's not gonna happen.

and what was up with Ren anyway? he was a possessive controlling dick. i did not like him this time around. Kishan on the other hand can do no wrong. it might seem like Kishan's lost his edge but he's already been the bad guy. i feel like it's time to let him shine.

i will be reading the next book and i hope Kelsey and Ren will be trying to get their groove back because i am not having this teen angst bullshit.


Review for The Dark Knight Rises

i dont know if you can call what i writing a review. it's more like me squealing about how much i loved this movie and trying to type all of these feelings i'm feeling.

everything about it was amazing. the camera work was smooth. the acting was amazing, especially Tom Hardy as Bane. i mean, he was unreal. i even liked Christian Bale's almost unrecognizable voice as Batman. someone must have talked to him about it because i could actually understand what he was saying. Anne Hathaway was great as the cat burglar. i will not call her Catwoman because she's not. she just has these goggles that look like cat ears. she does not claim the moniker and neither will i. the sound of this movie was great. i felt like i was right in the movie instead of having loud explosions threatening my eardrums the entire time.

i WILL be seeing this movie again. maybe next weekend. hope you do the same!

I send my prayers out to the everyone affected by the shootings in Aurora, Colo.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review for the Final Season of One Tree Hill

i know that the show ended a couple months ago but i wasn't into watching it even though when the show first came on i was completely obsessed with it. i found my love for the show growing once more when i started watching repeats of the first season. i was hooked. so i began renting every season one disk set at a time from my local library. and i just now finished the final season.

NATHAN is my favorite character. he has grown so much from that cocky basketball player he used to be into a faithful, loving father and husband. it's so nice to still see him with HALEY after all of those years. their son JAMIE was always there to tell the adults how it was and to be the most adorable boy on television.

BROOKE transformed from a high school slut that had a heart of gold to a married momma with the heart of gold. she took her neglectful childhood and made sure that she never treated her kids that way. i loved her with JULIAN. he is such a dork, but that's what made him so likeable and attractive.

QUINN and CLAY were relatively new characters towards the end of the show. i never really got clay until the last season. with all of his drama you couldn't help but to feel something for the guy. quinn was a great filler character for storylines but i didn't connect to her at all.

MILLIE, MOUTH, and CHRIS KELLER didn't even have to be on the show towards the end if you ask me. though it was nice to see chris one last time. he had his funny moments but was mostly annoying like when he was first on the show. CHASE will be forever loved. and it's not just because he was on laguna beach (but it totally is the reason). DAN SCOTT finally got his redemption which i knew was gonna happen. they were not gonna end the show with hate in their hearts. everyone gets a happy ending....

but what was up with that random spotting of LUCAS in one of the episodes. he didn't do jack shit for the show except have douche bag looking hair. and there was no PEYTON to be seen. so disappointed. besides that i really enjoyed the series finale. if you haven't seen this show i suggest you do. you'll love it (if you're into teenage soap operas that turn into adult soap operas).

Monday, July 9, 2012

Review for With or Without You By Brian Farrey

With or Without You is a young adult novel written by Brian Farrey.

again, this is another book that caught my attention from the stonewall awards. but unlike A + E 4ever, this one was not all that great.

EVAN is the main character in this story. he just graduated high school and has his sights set on leaving with his best friend DAVIS. but evan also promised his secret boyfriend ERIK that he'd move away with him. you'd think that's where the plot would thicken but it actually thins out. evan was such an annoying character that i could not get into his story. i was more involved with davis' and erik's side stories and trying to imagine how they were feeling. i liked every single character better than evan. but seeing as he's the main character, the novel just does nothing for me. RATING IS 2.5 STARS


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Review for A + E 4ever by Ilike Merey

a + e 4ever is a graphic novel written by Ilike Merey.
i heard about this book through the stonewall awards and it was pretty high on my to-read list. unfortunately the library didn't have the book. so i put myself on the waiting list. three long months later i got it. and this graphic novel was definitely worth the wait.

ASH is a boy who looks like a girl who likes boys and girls. got all that, because it took me a while to get it. anyway, he comes to this new school where everyone is trying to kick his ass. that is until EU steps in and saves the day. from that moment on these two amazing characters begin a friendship that has some romantic undertones.

i love graphic novels and this is one of the best ones i have ever read. i have such a crush on Eu(lalie) from the author's drawings of her. she is my ultimate girl and i could not get enough of her. sometimes a graphic novel relies heavily on the written word and it feels like you're reading a regular novel. but not this one. everything is in the characters expressions. i'd look at the picture first and then read the dialogue.

i actually went back and read this back to back. it's that good. i didn't really care for the bittersweet ending but it worked great for the story. 5 STAR RATING.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review for Tighter by Adele Griffin

Tighter is a young adult book written by Adele Griffin. It is a stand alone novel.

i don't know how this book got on my to-read list but i wish that it never was and that i could take back the time i wasted reading this book. i actually finished the entire book with a minimal use of skimming, so for that i am proud. but actually comprehending what was going on, that didn't happen.

JAMIE, who has been a little depressed, goes to little bly to babysit some kid so that she can take her mind off her troubles. okay so far so good, i'm into the story. then some ghosts get involved. now i'm excited, i love a good ghost story. then some other crap happens, i'm not entirely sure what. and then...AND THEN the ending happens and i wanna strangle somebody. i mean, is this real? did i just read what i think i read? i hated how the book finished things. i wanted the whole island that they were on to drown. that would have been more satisfying then having the main character SPOILER be diagnosed with schizophrenia END SPOILER.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Review for Spoiled by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

Spoiled is written by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan. This young adult novel has a sequel which is titled Messy.

i just cannot bring myself to finish this book. i tried, i really did. but it was just so...boring.
the first chapter completely threw me because i was expecting it to be in the voice of MOLLY , not BROOKE. strike one.

then after the first chapter, the narrator was molly, and molly, and molly.....and molly. i would have liked for the chapters to go back and forth since the two sisters both tell the story. stike two.

last but not least. it reminded me too much of Gossip Girl and The A-List. it wasn't just the same style. it had the same characters, same tone, same everything. it really turned me off. strike three.

i will not be attempting to reread this and i will not be reading the second one. this book just SPOILED it for me. (see what i did there? clever right? okay i'm done)

Review for The Summer I Learned To Fly by Dana Reinhardt

The Summer I Learned to Fly is written by Dana Reinhardt. This is a stand alone young adult novel.

i don't know what made me want to read this book. i had read other books by Dana Reinhardt and they were not exactly my favorite books. but this one is the best from her so far.

DREW, who is working at her mother's cheese shop, doesn't really know what to do with herself besides listen to what her mother says, take care of her pet rat, and crush on nick who also works for her mother. but then she meets EMMETT, and that's when drew and i fall in love. her reaction to him and their friendship was so strong and yet naive at the same time. in taking a chance on something she doesn't quite understand, she grows from a child to a teenager. i loved reading her growth and thought it was realistic and familiar.

EMMETT is such a great love interest and catalyst for drew's story. i love when we really find out about emmett and his life. it made him even more lovable instead of melodramatic which he could have easily been compared to. and the ending when SPOILER he sends that last note in the paper crane after all those years ENDSPOILER made me love him even more.

i enjoyed that the chapters weren't numbered but had their own little title. it solidified drew's story and made me anticipate what was going to happen next. all of the characters for me were real and had substance. nothing in this story was a page filler as background characters tend to be. i'd gladly read this book again for a good cry. I RATED THIS BOOK 4 STARS.