Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review for Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes is a stand alone children's novel written by Jonathan Auxier.

such an amazing story. i was blown away with Peter and Sir Tode's adventure. it was a great story about great characters that was beautifully written by Jonathan Auxier. i can't wait to read other books from him.

Peter Nimble is the greatest thief in the world. at only ten, he has come to have the greatest and sneakiest skills known to every criminal. being blind only enhances his thievery but also makes his life that much harder. coming across three pairs of fantastic eyes, his life will change forever.

i was surprised with how much i liked this book. i was expecting a light, childish adventure. instead i got a book filled with rich words that painted incredible pictures that took me to another world. i am seriously fan-girling right now. i can't help but gush over this story. it's damn near perfect. every chapter pulled you in deeper and deeper until there was no chance of wanting to put the book down.

even thought he's a child, Peter read more like a young adult to me. in my opinion, Peter's adventure was a little too adult for children to read. especially when he gets stranded on Just Deserts. the prisoners were very menacing to Peter. it even had me freaking out a little bit. all of the battle scenes were heavy and not taken lightly. this is a story where bad things will happen and people will die. don't read this book expecting a fluffy read. shit gets real here.

i loved every single character in this book. the heroes and villains were equally amazing. Peter stands out above all the rest with Sir Tode as a close second. their friendship was great. i was definitely rooting for them the entire time. Simon the crow and peg the princess were awesome characters too. i was really into the story once they were introduced.

all in all, this was a whirlwind novel. i will positively be rereading this in the future.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Review for Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost

Eternal Kiss of Darkness is the second book in the Night Huntress spin-off series written by Jeaniene Frost. The first is titled One Drop of Crimson. 

shame on me for having to do this half-ass review but i want to do at least two reviews a month and i'm past my deadline for this one. it's kinda like trying to have a meaning conversation while drunk, you know you're not gonna make sense but who cares because you're drunk, you gotta say what you gotta say. i'm not drunk, i swear. i'm writing this review at work.

in this spin-off book in the Cat universe, Mancheres gets to sow his oats with the headstrong Kira. she is a very likable character. she doesn't take anyone's BS but she isn't a bitch either. she reminded me of Cat in the early Night Huntress books. they're both capable women who love their men and can kick some ass. i thought it was a little unrealistic that she adapted to being a vampire so quickly but in a romance novel, you're allowed a few stretches.

Mancheres was shown in a whole new light in this book. in his other appearances, i didn't find myself attracted to him at all. no sexual thoughts were going through my mind when Bones and Cat had to deal with him. but when Jeaniene Frost is writing about his long luscious hair and his ripped body dripping with water from the pool, then homeboy gets a sexy makeover that i was loving. the enemy of this book had a great story with Mancheres. sometimes the villain can seem to come out of thin air and the conflict is shaky. but the feud between Mancheres and Radje felt heavy and real. the way Radje is dealt with in the end is by far one of the best death scenes in this series.

this is it for the Night Huntress World spin-off. i'm caught up in the first series, patiently waiting for the new installment. and now i can finally start the Night Prince series. so excited for that one :)