Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review for Pivot Point by Kasie West

Pivot Point is a young adult novel written by Kasie West. The sequel is titled Split Second and is to be released next year.

i really though i was going to hate this book. i always assume that every new young adult book i'm about to read is a piece of crap and that i'm about to waste my time reading it. i was dead wrong because i absolutely loved this book. i stayed up all night reading it, didn't go to bed until 2 am. i couldn't put it down. every time i thought i could wait until tomorrow to finish reading it, it would pull me right back in.

when faced with a choice, Addison can "search" her future and live out both outcomes. this ability is very handy now that her parents are getting divorced and she has to choice which parent to live with. if she goes with her dad, she'll go live among normal people with no abilities. she'll become close with Trevor, a guy who understands her. if she stays at the compound with her mom she'll fall for the hottest guy in school.

i was rooting for Trevor the entire time. from the jump i knew something was off about Duke, the popular boy from school. he was just too smooth. i'm curious to see how he'll be written into the second book. hopefully he'll be written out of the story. Trevor is another story. i loved him from the moment he was introduced. his background was great and i liked how it connected to Addison's story. he wasn't just a love interest, he was actually a plot line for the story. Addison was great. she wasn't overly dramatic or helpless. she didn't apologize for the way she was, she was just herself throughout the whole story.

the ending just about killed me. knowing that the whole book was the future that hadn't happened yet was keeping me on the edge of my seat. which future would be the best for her and her friends and family? which would she choose? the epilogue made me so excited for the second book. i really hope the Trevor and Addison work it out. they are one of the best YA novel couples ever written.