Saturday, June 20, 2015

So much awesomeness

All I can say is that I liked all 5 books that I've read these past two weeks. That's just awesome.

Deadman Wonderland Vol 4 by Jinsei Kataoka
Ganta decides to help the Scar Chain break out of the prison 

Had to knock off a star for the way Ganta treated Shiro. I don't care what the hell she did. You don't need to be putting hands on my favorite character. She's the only reason you're still alive! And that last panel. I hate to see her cry. I hope Ganta has to grovel in the book for her forgiveness.

Legend of the Lost Legend by R.L. Stine
The 47th book of the Goosebumps series

This is one of the better Goosebumps books in the entire series. The action is well written and that ending was a complete doozy. I felt so bad for the family. They went through a lot of scary stuff just to get shafted in the end. If this story had a second part to it, I would definitely read it.

In Another Man's Bed by Francis Ray
The third romance novel of the Invincible Women series

I stayed up all night to finish this book. I'm just a total sucker for a romance novel. Especially one's that are as melodramatic as this one. I mean, come on. Her husband lays in a coma after she finds out he was cheating on her. And then a long lost love interest suddenly pops up and he's perfect. Next thing you know, the husband has been pretending to be in a coma the whole time for some insane reason. Either way, I enjoyed the story and I obviously couldn't put it down.

The Joker by Daniel Wallace
A visual history of the Clown prince of crime

They say don't judge a book by its cover but that clearly does not apply to this book. The cover is the only reason I picked it up at the library. I have never read any Batman comics or felt the need to but the glaring, mad eyes of The Joker pulled me in. He's such a public figure that everyone feels like they at least know a little about him. This novel will help you to know even more. It goes all the way back to his very first appearance and touches base with all of his reincarnations. From film to TV to books, you get the full scope of the wonder and horror that is The Joker. I just wish it was more in depth. I would gladly read a full on break down of his character.

The Great Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly
The zoo is in for a rude awakening when its occupants decide to break free

I definitely get all of the comparisons to Jurassic Park. A zoo that has the potential to be amazing ends up with a bloodbath. Now I've never read the book by Michael Crichton but I have seen the movies and the similarities are plentiful. I won't spoil the creatures of this park but I will say that China should have known better. Like seriously, why would you want to have a park full of...SPOILER DRAGONS SPOILER? How can you think that it will end well for anyone involved? Except the main character CJ, apparently. She is absolutely kick ass on the point of being ridiculous. I had to suspend my disbelief several times. But other than that, I was completely enthralled with this thriller. The ending was very sweet and it put a smile on my face. After all that carnage, it was the perfect way to end the story. 

Deadman Wonderland, Vol. 4Legend of the Lost Legend (Goosebumps, #47)In Another Man's BedThe Joker: A Visual History of the Clown Prince of CrimeThe Great Zoo of China

Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Reading has started

I just love this time of year. All of the kids are out of school and everyone is just hanging out in the library. With nothing to do, it's the best time for a summer long program where they can read books and win prizes. For that, we have summer reading. And you want to know the best part? There's adult summer reading and staff can participate. I want that grand prize so bad that I can taste it. A fully paid day off. I mean, what could be better than that?

Still the One by Jill Shalvis
The sixth book in the Animal Magnetism romance series

This couple was just really doing it for me with my romance fix. I wanted something cute and fluffy with a bit of bite and that's exactly what I got with Darcy. She was so funny and relatable. And AJ was one tall drink of cool water. Their sexual chemistry was through the roof. I can't wait to read more from this series. It never fails to disappoint me.

Keeping Secrets by Penny Mickelbury
A reporter and a cop are both investigating a series of murders of closeted homosexuals

Book club reads make me nervous. It's a strange book that you haven't heard of or don't have any interest in reading. You're afraid it's going to be a dud and that you'll have wasted your time reading an awful book when you could have been reading something amazing. But then the opposite happens. Every once in a while, you get an amazing book. A book that will completely take up all of your free time until you finish it. That will force you to recommend it to any and every one that happens upon you. That makes you start reading yet another book series when you're already reading a million of them. That will take your attention away from things like work or sleeping. You'll be lucky to get a book like that.

Taken at Dusk by C.C. Hunter
The third novel of the Shadow Falls series

This was the best book of the series so far. The characters were at their most likable. The storytelling was the most engaging. The side characters continue to shine but Kylie is slowly becoming a great character. When she stands up for her friends, she's at her best. Her love life is still annoying and tedious but I'm definitely rooting for Derek. Lucas is a whiny, possessive, controlling werewolf who isn't as important as he thinks he is. I'm glad we finally know what Kylie is. I just hope the author doesn't drop the ball and makes it this boring revelation. I want Kylie to be an all around bad ass heroine that saves the day.

Still the One (Animal Magnetism, #6)Keeping Secrets (Mimi & Gianna, #1)Taken at Dusk (Shadow Falls, #3)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hot Diggity Dog

I seriously love when a book surprises me. Here's looking at you, Red Queen. Hence the title of this blog entry. I would say that I feel like it shows my age but I'm only 23...

Awake at Dawn by C.C. Hunter
The second Shadow Falls novel of the young adult supernatural series

This is a total snack attack series to read. It's literally junk food fiction. And I'm saying this in the best way possible. It's quick, easy, and so fun to read. You know it's a bit ridiculous that Kylie has all the symptoms of all the supernaturals. You know it's crazy that TWO very hot, very nice guys are vying for her heart when you can't even see the appeal of her. You know it's bad when you are more interested in the side characters' drama than the main protagonist. But you read it anyway. Because it's just there and you know you'll enjoy it.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
The first young adult novel of the Red Queen series

 Anyone can be betrayed be anyone. Aveyard tried to tell me but I just didn't want to listen. This is one of the best supernatural dystopian novels I've ever read. The writing was amazing. I mean, I was expecting a twist and a betrayal but just not from...THAT person. But let's talk about the characters. I know we're supposed to be rooting for Mare but the only thing interesting about her is her ability. Every one around her has a more intriguing story, if you ask me. She's the character equivalent of watching paint dry. She doesn't make the story pop, she is just placed into really exciting, tense scenes. Now Maven and Cal, the two princes, are totally bad ass. Maven and Cal are definitely the driving force behind this story. They both have charisma and I wasn't even that mad to find Mare in a love triangle between them. Now back to that twist; I was blown away with the third act of this novel. It really threw me for a loop. I'm still processing it. Endings like that just make you eager for the next book and utterly disappointed when you realize that you have to wait for it. But I'll wait...since I can't do anything else about it.

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson
The first installment of the Ms. Marvel graphic novel series

So I wasn't too sure about this novel. Kamala was annoying in the beginning. She's wimpy and whiny. But once Captain Marvel showed up and gave Kamala some kick ass powers, she suddenly got interesting. Obviously a superhero is a better character than a regular teenage girl. But Kamala using her powers forced her to make some personal changes so that her real self became more relatable. Her not so secret love interest Bruno is freaking adorable and I hope he's featured more frequently in the next book. It's amazing to me that I've never really been into reading comic books until recently. Let's hope that there are more of them like this out there for me to read.

Awake at Dawn (Shadow Falls, #2)Red Queen (Red Queen, #1)Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal