Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review for Zom-B by Darren Shan

 Zom-B is the first book in a series written by Darren Shan.

i only read this book for an alphabet challenge and i was looking for a random book with the letter Z. i am so glad i picked this one. i knew i would like it because it's written by Darren Shan, who is a horror genius. i loved his Demonata and Cirque du Freak series. i wasn't looking to start yet another series but i'm hooked to the story and can't wait to read the next one.

the book follows the life of B, who is an awesome character. not awesome in the sense that she's a likable character, but B's POV was addictive and i could not stop reading once i started. dealing with her abusive and racist dad was story enough but then you throw in zombies and you got a favorite new series. i liked that B's home life was just as important to the story line as the zombies. her father was horrible. his racism was dealt with very seriously which made me take it seriously. he was the true villain to me. i'm interested in seeing how that will continue in the next book.

all of the characters were great and it was killing me to see them get picked off one by one. one thing i like about Shan is that he doesn't shy away from the death scenes with the kids. it's just as brutal as reading an adult novel about zombies. no one is safe and most likely everyone around you will die. i thought each book would be told from a different person because of how this book ended. but that doesn't seem to be the case so i'm excited to see what really happened to B and how she survived and what the deal is with the zombies. i'm sure i won't be disappointed.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Review for The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson

The Bitter Kingdom is the final book in the Fire and Thorns trilogy written by Rae Carson.

so this is it, the end of the Fire and Thorns trilogy. i really didn't think i would like it. the first book was shaky at first but i grew to like it. the same thing happened with the second book. the series finally hit an all time high with the last one. i liked this book from beginning to end. i was rooting for Elisa the whole time, never once finding her character boring or annoying. her group of loyal friends and subjects were entertaining to read as well. the action wasn't overwhelming but it kept a steady pace. the ending was amazing, not exactly how i pictured it but still very well done.

this go around, Elisa has to save her kingdom and Hector, her royal guard and the man she loves. her god stone is more powerful than ever and it helps her every step of the way. again, i like the presence of the god stone. it helps this adventure book have a bit of celestial mystery than i never completely understand. i was totally taken by surprise when SPOILER Elisa completed her destiny and her god stone fell out. i like that we don't know what the lost oasis she found will be used for in God's will SPOILER you learn to love Elisa for herself, not her connection with God or her powers.

the romance in this book was so good. Hector was such a great character. i enjoyed the chapters told from his point of view. i wasn't expecting that since the other two books were only told from Elisa's POV. it was a happy development because it let me in on Elisa's guy how is very likable. i thought he'd be kinda stiff but his words read just as fluid as Elisa's. i was satisfied how the story ended. i don't feel like there needs to be another book added on. the characters have grown from the mostly uninteresting characters they were into fully engaging ones. i am glad that i read this series and would quickly recommend it for anyone looking for a quick fantasy read.