Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Review for Endure by Carrie Jones

Endure is the last book in the Need series written by Carrie Jones.
such a great ending to a beloved series that it feels like i've been reading for 10 years. i have been waiting forever to read this and now that i have, i'm a little disappointed that it's over. no more Zara. No more Issie (who i loved so much). No more Nick (not too upset about that because he was kind of a jerk to Zara). And last but not least, no more Astley (megalove for him).

i felt that this book should have been a bit longer. i was surprised how everything was rushed and pushed together. there was no pause between any of the drama so that i could take in what i was reading. it was just BAM! here's some drama, BAM! someone's life is in danger. i mean it's the last book. milk the story. spread it out, enhance it.

the love triangle was actually enjoyable in this series. i found myself liking both love interest (until this book when Nick was just annoying). zara wasn't a wimpy heroine victimized by puppy love. she kicked some ass and still found the time to get a man. that's a lot to accomplish when you're busy saving the world from murderous pixies. if you haven't read this series, it comes highly recommended.