Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review for Rush by Maya Banks

Rush is an erotic romance written by Maya Banks. It is the first of the Breathless trilogy. The second novel is Fever and the third is Burn which are both to be released later in the year. 

an advance copy of the book was provided through Goodreads

BDSM books have been in print for a long time. all Fifty Shades of Grey did was bring it into the spotlight. this book may not be inspired by the BDSM obsession of the public but it did heavily remind me of FSOG.

Gabe is a handsome millionaire who has been lusting after his best friend's little sister, Mia, for some years. now that she is old enough for him (24 to his 36 i think), he is ready to expose her to his kinky ways and change both of their lives forever. Mia is a good character. i found her extremely likable and fun. of course she's had a crush on Gabe since her teen years so the attraction is instant but in a more realistic way than most romance novels. Gabe is a neanderthal. i love me a bad boy but he was just an asshole. i felt no sympathy for this character, which the author tried to do when she introduced his bitch of an ex-wife and how horrible their marriage was. i found myself hoping that Mia would get with a more suitable love interest and Gabe and his evil ex would get back together.

if Gabe treated his ex-wife the way he treats Mia, i don't blame her for making his life hell. he fucks Mia like a high school boy who's getting his first piece of ass and by the grace of God does she have multiple orgasms. the way some of the sex scenes were described, i was surprised how often and amazingly Mia was getting off. it just seemed like a lot of quick and hard thrusting on Gabe's part. only when he took his time to seduce her, which i think only happened twice, was i into the sex. i am so sick of rough and fast sex being the norm for these erotica novels. every once in a while i love a quickie, but not every time.

of course this is the first of a trilogy and Gabe's best friends will each get their chance to shine. hopefully they can pull off being dominant without the asshole undertones. i plan on reading them because i love torturing myself with mediocre erotica.