Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review for Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Tiger Lily is a stand alone fantasy novel written by Jodi Lynn Anderson. 

i have never read anything on Peter Pan before this book. and the only movie i have seen Peter related was Hook with Robin Williams. so i came into this book ignorant of the mythology behind Neverland and its occupants. with this book it doesn't matter if you even know who Peter Pan and Tinker Bell are, you will sink into this novel and be interested in each character that you're introduced to.

Tiger Lily is about Peter Pan's doomed love to Tiger Lily, a wild child from a nearby clan who is betrothed to another. the voice of the narrator is Tinker Bell, which i thought was brilliant. since she can sense other people's thoughts and feeling, you get to know what the other character's are thinking without getting only one side of the story. she was my favorite character next to Tiger Lily. their relationship was both surprising and strong. one cared for the other whether they admitted it or not.

Tiger Lily, the character, is the reason this book is now on my favorites shelf. she is such a strong female role model for young readers. she stands for what she believes in even when it doesn't always work out in her favor. but she makes mistakes too. they were genuine mistakes that people usually make when they're young and i loved her all the more for it. it made her character real; it helped you realize that this amazon was still only 15 and hadn't lived much despite her not aging.

Peter Pan is kind of an asshole but i thought that was a great way to portray how teenage boys act when they're in love. teen love rarely lasts, as it's shown with Peter and Tiger. i was glad when SPOILER Tiger Lily married Pine Sap and learned to love him in her own unique way SPOILER it's a great message to young female readers that first love isn't the last love you'll ever have. you can still move on with your life even if Peter Pan decides that Wendy Darling is where it's at and jumps ship :)