Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review for True by Erin McCarthy

True is a new adult romance written by Erin McCarthy.

a copy of the book was provided through NetGalley

i am so sick of these "New Adult" romances. they all claim to be original and entertaining but they just turn my stomach. this is not the genre for me and this book is the last i'll read of them. i wanted to read True because i am a huge fan of Erin McCarthy. her books always put me in a good mood, so that's what i was expecting with this one. i was sadly mistaken. this story seemed...simple and not in a good way. i didn't connect to any of the characters. i could have cared less if they all had hopped into a van and drove themselves off a cliff.

Rory is a shy girl in college. she's thinking of hooking up with a guy when shockingly SPOILER that same guy almost rapes her SPOILER. this seems to be a theme for the "New Adult" books. they all start off with sexual harassment or abuse, which i don't understand. is every girl going into college going to be raped? is that a proven statistic? anyway, she then transfers her feeling to bad boy Tyler, who is the most annoying person ever. reading the "love" grow between these two characters almost made me scratch my eyes out. i couldn't stand them not one bit. back to the plot, they fall in love and then some stuff happens to keep them apart and then they're back together in the end. honestly that's all i got from this book. nothing really mattered to me. i was just rushing through the story so that it would end.

i do plan on reading more McCarthy books, just not the NA ones. those are dead to me. never again. NEVER AGAIN.