Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review for Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris

Dead After Dark is the final Sookie Stackhouse novel. The paranormal mystery series is written by Charlaine Harris.

i am glad this series is over. i fell in love with Sookie Stackhouse with the show True Blood. that show made me interested to read the books that inspired it. Dead Until Dark pulled me in. and the next few books blew me away. they were like candy for the brain. i got a rush from reading them. even though they weren't in the running to win a Pulitzer prize, they had heart and i loved them.

then this book happened. i was excited to see how Charlaine Harris would wrap up her beloved character's lives but this mess made me wish they were all killed by a rogue vampire in a fit of rage. Sookie was so annoying in this book, i wanted to shot in her pretty little blonde head with her big titties and suntanned skin. that's how she was described on almost every page. Harris took her sweet time telling me very detail of Sookie's look for the day instead of focusing on the threat of her life. hello!!! there are at least three people trying to kill her in the book. and she was charged with murder. let's focus on the mystery aspect of the book instead of her moisturizing her legs and debating on what top to wear with her shorts.

next come's the romance. how i hated her harem of men in this book. Bill is just there. why wasn't he killed off a few books ago? Alcide shows up to sniff out an intruder/possible killer. now i can't be mad at Alcide no matter what he's doing. he's the hottest of Sookie's boy toys. Quinn shows up with his gleaming bald head. he's so boring to me. Eric is made out to be the villain. i swear Harris was trying her best to paint Eric in the worst way so i could hate him and be glad when Sookie and him broke up. ummmmm NOPE. Eric was always the one for Sookie and we all know it. and then there's Sam. i have no words for him. on the show, i love him. in the books, he should have died a long time ago with Bill. he has never been a thought provoking character to me and i hated that he was an important part of the final book.

i am disappointed. i am devastated. i will take refuge in the show since it's almost entirely different from the books. and that's all folks.