Monday, January 13, 2014

Review for Crash into You by Katie McGarry

Crash into You is the third book in the Pushing the Limit series written by Katie McGarry. The fourth book titled Take Me On, will be out later this year.

i was nervous about reading this book because i was so disappointed in Dare You To. i didn't like it very much so i expected that wave of crappy story telling to move its way into this book. i was glad that i was wrong. this book reminded me of how much i loved reading Pushing the Limits and made me fall in love with the series all over again.

the love story falls on the shoulders of Rachel and Isaiah. she's a rich girl who loves fast cars and he's the man of my "bad boy who is actually good" dreams. they owe this street rat prick a lot of money and work together to raise it to keep themselves safe. in the meantime, they fall in love and make me squeal from how cute they are. Rachel is very likable. i was into her personal story. the descriptions of her panic attacks were making me panic a bit. i never knew how exhausting and dangerous they could be. Isaiah was as amazing as i remembered him in the other books. i only read this book because of him; i knew Katie McGarry couldn't mess him up. you get to see more of his background in this book and it's just as sad as i thought it would be. i like how he forgives his mother but that it's not a completely reformed relationship. the tension and hurt are still there but he's giving her a chance.

i am excited to see how West's story will be. Rachel's brothers were annoying to me in this book and i had almost no sympathy for them. i hope i can see the good in West because right now, all i feel is tolerance.


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