Monday, June 16, 2014

Review for The Quick by Lauren Owen

The Quick is the debut novel written by Lauren Owen.

a copy of this book was won through Goodreads

Nothing about this book gave me the impression that it was about vampires. I thought it would be a mystery about a sister trying to find her lost brother in London. When the supernatural element is first introduced, I'm thoroughly shocked and I had to put the book down to comprehend that I was reading a totally different book than what I expected. Once I got over that, I enjoyed reading about this secret society very much and would recommend it to anyone looking for a long weekend read.

I loved all of the characters. James is the protagonist. The story starts and begins with him. His sister is truly pulled into the story until I'd almost completely forgotten about her. I thought the focus should have totally been on just James and Charlotte but there is a lot going on in this book. There are multiple characters that you grow to like and look forward to reading about and then suddenly, they're dead. It's best not to get invested in anyone from this story. The writing was a bit much for me. The way Lauren Owen writes is very thick and drawn out. She jumps from POV to POV in each chapter so you have to pay close attention to who's talking and how they matter in the story. It's almost halfway into the book that we're finally brought to the entire point of the novel, Charlotte looking for James. I felt this book could have been 100 pages lighter and still enjoyable.

The ending was disappointing for me. I would have liked to have been left with a better cliff hanger than that. It just seemed to end so abruptly. I don't hate it and I definitely don't love it, it was just there. As dramatic as this book is, it should have been more theatrical or foreboding. How ironic that the book is titled The Quick but there was nothing quick about it. I kept starting and stopping and finally made it to the end. I'm glad I finished it. Now I'm off to a lighter and fluffier read.