Wednesday, June 27, 2012


i used to work at one place. now i work at another. i did not ask for this transfer. it just happened. one day i was working with people that i had been working with for almost a year, the next i'm told that i'll be working with brand new people on the other side of town. and why? for no apparent reason.

i am all for change, when it's necessary and welcomed. but this foolishness is just stupid and dumb. i mean i don't drive and it's literally on the other side of town to me. it's an hour on the bus. and out of my way. and completely pissing me off.

this isn't what i want this blog to be about but for this moment it's acting like a diary for me. next post will be about movies or books or tv. but for now i just wanna whine about the crap you deal with when you have a job that has people above you who are out to get you.

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