Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review for Fever by Lauren DeStefano

Fever is a young adult book that is the second installment in the Chemical Garden series written by Lauren DeStefano. The first one is called Wither and the final book in the trilogy is called Sever and will be released in early 2013. what happened here? the storyline and the characters completely fell off from the first novel. how could a series have gone from a 5 star book and one of my favorites to a mediocre ya book. let's start with the characters.


in the first book Wither, rhine was such a great person. i felt her pain for being kidnapped and sold to a husband. i felt her determination when she decided she was getting the hell outta there to reunite with her twin brother rowan. i felt her struggles when she was trying to make sense of her feelings for gabriel. and i felt utter joy when she and gabriel managed to escape.

but cut to this book, the second one, the one that should blow my mind even further. it did nothing for me. i actually found myself skimming over some parts because i was bored outta my mind with rhine. she became...a little bit like bella from Twilight. so whiny and weak and dependent. you just escaped from the mansion of torture and death and this is the person you've become? i don't understand it at all. i was actually kinda glad when SPOILER (rhine is taken back to linden's house) because then maybe for the third book, she would be the character i had grown to love.


no real thoughts on him from the first book. he was just a typical romance interest that had no depth to him. but in this book he kinda grows on me, like fungus. the only time he was interesting was when him and rhine were at the circus and in the back of the truck (insider).


no thoughts except they were either annoying or not as annoying as some other characters.


i really couldn't tell you what happened in this book except some bad some happened and then some more bad stuff. but none of the bad stuff had any reason to it. it seemed like just a way for rhine to deal with more crap on top of the crap she already has to deal with. i would have liked for this book to develop rhine's relationship with gabriel but nothing substancial took place between them.

of course i will be reading the last book Sever because i am invested in this series. but it better be great. i mean even better than the first book, because this one just did not do it for me. so the rating i give this book is 3 STARS.