Saturday, July 21, 2012

Review for The Dark Knight Rises

i dont know if you can call what i writing a review. it's more like me squealing about how much i loved this movie and trying to type all of these feelings i'm feeling.

everything about it was amazing. the camera work was smooth. the acting was amazing, especially Tom Hardy as Bane. i mean, he was unreal. i even liked Christian Bale's almost unrecognizable voice as Batman. someone must have talked to him about it because i could actually understand what he was saying. Anne Hathaway was great as the cat burglar. i will not call her Catwoman because she's not. she just has these goggles that look like cat ears. she does not claim the moniker and neither will i. the sound of this movie was great. i felt like i was right in the movie instead of having loud explosions threatening my eardrums the entire time.

i WILL be seeing this movie again. maybe next weekend. hope you do the same!

I send my prayers out to the everyone affected by the shootings in Aurora, Colo.

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