Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review for the Final Season of One Tree Hill

i know that the show ended a couple months ago but i wasn't into watching it even though when the show first came on i was completely obsessed with it. i found my love for the show growing once more when i started watching repeats of the first season. i was hooked. so i began renting every season one disk set at a time from my local library. and i just now finished the final season.

NATHAN is my favorite character. he has grown so much from that cocky basketball player he used to be into a faithful, loving father and husband. it's so nice to still see him with HALEY after all of those years. their son JAMIE was always there to tell the adults how it was and to be the most adorable boy on television.

BROOKE transformed from a high school slut that had a heart of gold to a married momma with the heart of gold. she took her neglectful childhood and made sure that she never treated her kids that way. i loved her with JULIAN. he is such a dork, but that's what made him so likeable and attractive.

QUINN and CLAY were relatively new characters towards the end of the show. i never really got clay until the last season. with all of his drama you couldn't help but to feel something for the guy. quinn was a great filler character for storylines but i didn't connect to her at all.

MILLIE, MOUTH, and CHRIS KELLER didn't even have to be on the show towards the end if you ask me. though it was nice to see chris one last time. he had his funny moments but was mostly annoying like when he was first on the show. CHASE will be forever loved. and it's not just because he was on laguna beach (but it totally is the reason). DAN SCOTT finally got his redemption which i knew was gonna happen. they were not gonna end the show with hate in their hearts. everyone gets a happy ending....

but what was up with that random spotting of LUCAS in one of the episodes. he didn't do jack shit for the show except have douche bag looking hair. and there was no PEYTON to be seen. so disappointed. besides that i really enjoyed the series finale. if you haven't seen this show i suggest you do. you'll love it (if you're into teenage soap operas that turn into adult soap operas).