Monday, July 9, 2012

Review for With or Without You By Brian Farrey

With or Without You is a young adult novel written by Brian Farrey.

again, this is another book that caught my attention from the stonewall awards. but unlike A + E 4ever, this one was not all that great.

EVAN is the main character in this story. he just graduated high school and has his sights set on leaving with his best friend DAVIS. but evan also promised his secret boyfriend ERIK that he'd move away with him. you'd think that's where the plot would thicken but it actually thins out. evan was such an annoying character that i could not get into his story. i was more involved with davis' and erik's side stories and trying to imagine how they were feeling. i liked every single character better than evan. but seeing as he's the main character, the novel just does nothing for me. RATING IS 2.5 STARS