Monday, July 2, 2012

Review for The Summer I Learned To Fly by Dana Reinhardt

The Summer I Learned to Fly is written by Dana Reinhardt. This is a stand alone young adult novel.

i don't know what made me want to read this book. i had read other books by Dana Reinhardt and they were not exactly my favorite books. but this one is the best from her so far.

DREW, who is working at her mother's cheese shop, doesn't really know what to do with herself besides listen to what her mother says, take care of her pet rat, and crush on nick who also works for her mother. but then she meets EMMETT, and that's when drew and i fall in love. her reaction to him and their friendship was so strong and yet naive at the same time. in taking a chance on something she doesn't quite understand, she grows from a child to a teenager. i loved reading her growth and thought it was realistic and familiar.

EMMETT is such a great love interest and catalyst for drew's story. i love when we really find out about emmett and his life. it made him even more lovable instead of melodramatic which he could have easily been compared to. and the ending when SPOILER he sends that last note in the paper crane after all those years ENDSPOILER made me love him even more.

i enjoyed that the chapters weren't numbered but had their own little title. it solidified drew's story and made me anticipate what was going to happen next. all of the characters for me were real and had substance. nothing in this story was a page filler as background characters tend to be. i'd gladly read this book again for a good cry. I RATED THIS BOOK 4 STARS.