Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review of Vintage: A Ghost Story by Steve Berman

Vintage: A Ghost Story is a young adult novel written by Steve Berman. This is a stand alone novel.

this is only the second ghost story i've read, the first being Anna Dressed in Blood. and this one was pretty good. not as great as Anna but still enjoyable.

THE MAIN CHARACTER, who's name is never given, is a gay teen who discovers that he's a medium of sorts and needs to put a beautiful ghost that is haunting a local highway to rest. i really liked the voice of the narrator. he was charming, funny, and most of all relatable. throughtout the whole book i wanted him to find a boyfriend and to give the good looking ghost some RIP.

THE GHOST JOSH. i could not stand him. from the first time he appeared i knew he was no good. a ghost that's good looking and seemingly vulnerable? he is an agent from hell and you need to watch out.

TRACE, the best friend was so good. she was totally believable as a best friend who would be by your side no matter what. i felt awkward right along with her when SPOILER(the brother mike and the main character got together).but she handled it with grace whereas i would have flipped the fudge out.

overall i'm glad i took the time to read this, even though it was for one of my bookclubs. Book rating is 3.5 stars.