Friday, August 10, 2012

I Love B.o.B

Strange Clouds is B.o.B's second studio album. His first CD is called Adventures of Bobby Ray. He also has various mixtapes.

every since B.o.B came out with his first mainstream song "Beautiful Girls", i have been in love with him. all of his singles after that, from his first cd, have been awesome. they were all different from each other. and they all had guest musicians on them. from haley williams from Paramore to T.I. to rivers cuomo from Weezer, it just doesn't end. he goes well with any one of those artists. to me he's the king of collaborations. but for all of my love for him, i did not listen to his first album song for song. i only knew the singles he released. so when his second cd "Strange Clouds" came out, i was determined to listen to the whole thing.

and it is amazing. i'm listening to his song "Ray Bans" right now. he does hip-hop well, he's a great rapper, and he has great hooks and melodies on his catchy songs. i everything about his music. it made me interested in hearing his mixtapes. i wonder if he sounds the same or completely different. but i'm sure whatever he does, he stays true to himself. he just seems like the kind of person who does what he wants and puts it out there for the world to either love or hate it. and i'm a lover of it, definitely. by far my favorite song on his new cd is "Where Are You". if anyone sees this, please go get his cd and take the time to listen to every song. even if it's not your cup of tea, you gotta give him points for doing something unique.