Friday, August 17, 2012

Review for Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Sweet Evil is (hopefully) the first novel in the Sweet Evil Trilogy written by Wendy Higgins.

this is gonna be real short. i really didn't think i was gonna like this book. Anna was so annoying in the beginning, i almost gave up a few times. the "pureness" of her was getting a little old and drawn out for me. but then she starts to find out who and what she is and i started liking her more and more. with every tough situation and decision she had to make, she became a more relatable heroine who you begin to root for.

Kaiden, aka Kai, aka douchebag loverboy for this novel grew on my too. it took a while, basically the whole book, but i started to see his struggle with his father and with his feelings for Anna. i like him, kinda wanna be with him too. i'm a sucker for a bad boy and the son of Lust has bad written all over him. i hope they can find a way to be together. looking forward to the next installment, hope it lives up to the first one!