Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review for Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

 Beautiful Disaster is an adult romance novel written by Jamie McGuire. There is a companion novel titled Walking Disaster that's to be released next year.

i saw that there were some mixed reviews about this book before i even started. i thought that it was gonna be like Fifty Shades, a book that you know is no good but you're gonna love it anyway. this book is NOT like that at all. i still read through it pretty quickly. but instead of it being so bad it's good, it's so bad it's horrible.

Abby and Travis are the worst people to ever get together in a romance novel. Abby seems to be a confidant person who knows what's good for her. but once she sees Travis, all common sense goes out the window. i get it, bad boys are hot. Travis is way beyond that. he's insecure, controlling, violent, and downright cheesy.

"I didn't know I was lost until you found me." pg 252

REALLY? i expect some cheese with my wine and romance but that's a little too much from a guy that was just dipping his dick into anyone that moved up until recently. no one can change that dramatically without some serious consequences. it's only a matter of time before Travis punches Abby in her face for coughing too loud or something equally ridiculous.

and then... Abby's father comes into the story when things are going good for the two lovebirds. and he's brought the mob with him. PAUSE. what the fuck is the point of this? Travis is enough of a mess to ruin the relationship. we didn't need an emotionally abusive father from the past to fuck this love story up any more than it already is. as expected, this gives Travis another way to show Abby they're no good for each other and they break up. for reals this time. like Abby's not even joking this time. THEY ARE OVER.

just kidding, they get back together because they're both idiots who love to inflict pain on each other. then there's a fire where innocent people die so Travis can prove how much he loves Abby by saving her life. and the icing on this cake is that SPOILER ALERT they get married.

i was gonna give this book 1 star but then i figured that since it made me so pissed off, it deserved 2. Abby and Travis aren't the only ones who apparently like pain, because i'm planning on reading the second book from Travis' point of view. i just have to get inside this guy's head. he's obviously insane.