Monday, October 15, 2012

Review for Valkyrie Rising by Ingrid Paulson

Valkyrie Rising is a stand alone fantasy young adult novel written by Ingrid Paulson.

advance copy of this novel was provided by HarperTeen through Goodreads

when i saw that this book was about valkyries, i was excited. i don't think i have ever read a young adult valkyrie book and it seemed like a breath of fresh air. unfortunately i didn't like this too much. the actual rating i'm giving is 1.5 STARS.

Ellie is not a likable character to me. she annoyed me to no end. i could tell the author wanted her to be a true heroine. someone that didn't really have confidence but grows into the person she was always meant to be. she was a whiny brat that just let things happen to her until...VIOLA she's a kickass valkyrie who has never-ending powers? no, i don't accept that transition. she just pops up with these random ass superpowers when she conveniently needs them. no training, no clues throughout her whole life that she was a valkyrie. it just starts to happen. that totally turned me off from the story.

the only thing good about this book is Tucker. he was such a good guy. you could tell that he was the misunderstood one, not Ellie. Ellie's story only got interesting to me when Tucker was thrown into the mix. i hope that this remains to be a stand alone novel and that a sequel doesn't spring up in the future. but even if it did, i won't be reading it.