Monday, November 26, 2012

Review for Pusing the Limits by Katie McGarry

Pushing the Limits is a young adult romance novel written by Katie McGarry. There is a sequel due for release in 2013 titled Dare You To.

i think this was a book from one of my online book clubs. i had saw a little buzz about it on Goodreads but it didn't really interest me. that would have been a major lost in my life if i hadn't read this book because it was awesome. it's definitely one of the best books i've read this year and it has earned a spot on my favorites shelf.

the story is about Echo and Noah. Echo is a senior who is trying to deal with the harm her mother caused her and the grief she's getting from her father and stepmother. Noah is a senior who is trying to save his fostered brothers from an assumed abusive household. when these two lives collide...AWESOMENESS OCCURS. the attraction between the two characters felt authentic. the conflicts from their personal drama felt valid and not overly dramatic. Echo is by far my favorite complicated heroine of a realistic young adult novel. the way McGarry wrote her chapters felt genuine to me. and Noah is such a sweetheart, a sexy wanna rip his clothes off and have my raunchy way with him sweetheart. his story line about broke my heart.

i was surprised but quite happy when i saw that there was gonna be a sequel to this story featuring Beth's story. although her character didn't really grab me in the book, i'm sure i'll find her entertaining in her own novel. i really hope she gets it together and gets with Isaiah. he's such a great catch!