Friday, November 16, 2012

Review for Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm written by Philip Pullman

Fairy Tales... is a collection of adaptations of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales written by Philip Pullman.

an advance copy of the book was provided by Viking through Goodreads

i have actually never read a Brothers Grimm fairy tale before. sure, i've seen the films and tv shows and read the books influenced by the fairy tales but i've never read an original one from their collection. this is as close as i've come since these tales are adaptations written by Philip Pullman. and they are amazing. the fairy tales are witty and mostly hilarious.

of course you have the classics which are written in a way that is different from the version i know, such as Cinderella and Rapunzel. some of these stories are completely weird and random. some are so interesting i felt that they should have their own book, or at least a novella. Pullman's notes about what type of tale these stories are and how he felt about each one is an added bonus to an already amazing collection. this book is great for anyone who wants a little back story and a twist to these beloved fairy tales.