Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Review for The House Girl by Tara Conklin

The House Girl is an adult historical novel written by Tara Conklin. The chapters are split between present day and 1852.

an advance copy of the book was provided by William Morrow(Harper-Collins) through Goodreads giveaway

The House girl is about two lives that intertwine through many years. Lina is a present day lawyer who is assigned to the case of a lifetime. she must find a plaintiff in a lawsuit trying to award descendants of slaves their reparations. in her research she finds Josephine. Josephine is a house slave in 1852 that desperately wants to be free. she tried once to runaway and is now ready to try again. Josephine's life will impact Lina's in ways that seem impossible.

i thought that this book was gonna blow me away. i thought i was definitely giving a 5 star rating but sadly that wasn't the case. i really loved Josephine's story. her voice spoke to me and got me invested in her struggle as a slave that craves freedom. her relationships with her masters and fellow slaves were intriguing and unique. i was rooting for her story to be a happy one, and in a sense, it was.

i didn't like Lina for most of the book. i understood that she was the catalyst for digging deeper into Josephine's history but Lina's own story was kinda uninteresting. the secrecy about her mother was the high-point of her chapters. it paralleled nicely with the mystery of SPOILER what happened to Josephine's baby.END SPOILER finally towards the end of the book i grew to like Lina and the characters around her like her father and the potential plaintiff Jasper. at the end of the book, Josephine was finding peace with her life while Lina's life was finally seeming to begin.

the only issues i had with this book was were the letters that Lina finds researching Josephine. they take up pages at a time without a break in-between or from some input to what Lina thinks about it. i found myself skimming those parts even though they're essential to the overall story. i don't know why but that's the only thing that bothered me.