Sunday, April 28, 2013

Review for Days of Blood & Starlight by Laini Taylor

Days of Blood & Starlight is written by Laini Taylor. It is the sequel to Daughter of Smoke & Bone. The third installment of the series is not yet titled but is expected to be released early 2014.

Days of Blood and Starlight thrusts you back into the world of Akiva and Karou. Akiva is dealing with the consequences of his actions, which include betraying the love of his life. he finds it hard to redeem himself but special circumstances reveal a way that he can try. Karou is helping the rebellion by resurrecting soldiers. but as she gets less complacent and more curious about what the rebels are actually doing, she discovers that her side is just as bloodthirsty as the angels.

as always with a series, i vaguely remember what happened in the first book. that is the case here. especially since i read Daughter of Smoke & Bone over a year ago. thank my lucky stars that this book goes over the important parts that i need to know in order to understand what the hell i'm reading. i can tell you for sure that this book kicked the first one's ass. the heroes are more complex, the enemies are more evil, and the writing is out of this world. Laini Taylor just sucks you into her world and there is no getting out of it. it's been 20 minutes since i've put the book down and i'm still shaken about some of the shit i was put through reading this.

this is not a happy feeling book. it's honest and brutal and violent. people are dying in almost every chapter and Taylor does not spare the details. each chapter cuts into your heart as you are shown every angle of the war between seraphim and chimaera. there are multiple narrators in this story which adds a different layer to it. you would read a scene from two different view points and it added a twist that you didn't even know existed.

the characters were the best part of the story to me. Karou and Akiva's heartbreak was...heartbreaking. as  they come into each other's lives just to leave again, you can feel their anger and anguish. i hope they find happiness in the next book but i don't think that's in the cards for them. Taylor does not sugarcoat the war she writing about and i wouldn't like it if she did. but on a brighter note, i'm glad that certain people are dead. i mean i was hoping with all my soul that they would die and i'm glad my dreams came true. the real surprise character that i related to was Liraz. as Akiva's sister you only got that she was a proud soldier and disgusted with Akiva's love for Karou. but this book broke through her facade and you get to know another side to her. i hope to hear from her POV more in the next book.

this is one of the best books i've read so far this year and it comes highly recommended. and out of all these YA books that are popping up in the theaters, this is one series i wouldn't mind seeing.