Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review for Family Pictures by Jane Green

Family Pictures is a contemporary novel written by Jane Green.

an advance copy of this book was provided through Goodreads

this is the first of many ARCs that i have neglected over the past few months. i was supposed to have reviewed this before March. two months later, i'm using the tired cliche "Better late than never" as my official excuse.

Maggie and Sylvia are both married with children. they are married to a man who travels too much for work and with children who are about the leave home for college. with these common adjustments they're making, they have no idea that one dark secret is about to change their lives forever.

Sylvia is my favorite character. she has the most chapters told in her POV and they're superior to all the other narrators. i liked her back story and tone of voice. she was the only character that i felt sympathy for. she doesn't whine and act like a victim. she just deals with life that best she can, and i admired her for it. Maggie was another story. she pops up into the story in Part Two and i didn't like her one bit. she's a spoiled woman who i felt nothing for except disdain. i rushed through her chapters. Eve, Sylvia's daughter, was another character who got no sympathy from me. i felt like the author didn't do a good job in portraying her eating disorder. it only scratched the surface when it should have dug deep into her character and given her more chapters to tell the audience her struggle.

this is the first book i have read by Jane Green and i think it will be the last. it liked this book just enough to finish it but not enough to read anything else by Green. the "dark secret" was a great conflict for the characters but i feel like the author dropped the ball with making me care.