Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review for She's on Top by Rachel Kramer Bussel

She's on Top is an erotic story collection about female dominance and male submission. It is edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

so obviously i did not get this book from my local library. (although how cool would that be if the library had an erotica section!) instead, i bought it from my local sex shop. see, those places aren't always seedy or only carry toys. you can get literature there too. and i got to say this is one of the best erotica books i have ever read. sometimes i can appreciate the stories without getting hot and bothered but this book seriously had me feeling some kind of way...and that way was horny.

i loved every single story except one. The Queening Chair by Kate Dominic was not good to me. it read more as a funny story than a erotic one. i kept laughing as the "Queen" was describing all the great head she was getting to her boyfriend. Room 2201 was definitely one of my favorites. i liked the use of humiliation and the guy on guy action. Why Can't I Be You? was also great, although too short for me to fully enjoy the story. gender bending erotica might be something i have to look into since that story interested me so much.

i have made it a personal mission to buy every single BDSM book published by Cleis. they have the best authors writing the best stories of this stuff. i'm glad that i can add this book to my growing collection.