Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review for Possess by Gretchen McNeil

Possess is a fantasy young adult novel written by Gretchen McNeil. So far there is no awaited sequel.

i really wanted to love this book but Bridget was one of the most annoying characters i have ever known. Matt, the love interest, was just as bad. the villian of the story was kind of obvious. all of the conflicts made Bridget act like a dumbass. i understand that she's a teenage girl. but she's been dealing with this for months now. this being hearing and banishing demons. now all of a sudden it's too much for her? why wasn't it too much when she first learned about it? if it was too much, why did she agree to get training and continue to perform banishments of demons? i get that every story needs conflict but this was beyond ridiculous.

and the ending was super chessy. i swear Bridget said something like "We'll fight the demons together through good and bad." ugh please gag me with a spoon.