Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review for Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck

since i am currently reading the fourth book in the Tiger Saga, i thought that i'd put up the review i wrote for the book that started it all. there's a link to my review for the third one at the bottom.

Tiger's Curse is the first novel in the fantasy young adult Tiger Saga series written by Colleen Houck.

the author completely ruined what could have been one of the best female characters i've ever read in a fantasy ya book. kelsey started out so strong and likeable. she wasn't afraid of the white tiger and who that tiger turned out to be which is this hot indian prince that i'm now in love with. she accepted all of the craziness in stride and actually got stuff done. 

but then she gets scared. not for her life or even for the tiger's. she gets afraid because she's might love the tiger/man too much and so she keeps him at a distance and then starts to hurt his feelings for no apparent reason other than to keep herself "safe" from her feelings for him. i HATE when women do that to themselves. like why can't we just enjoy what we have? there could have been something else that kept them apart, not just a low self-esteem that came out of nowhere.

shame on you Colleen Houck for destroying a strong female character with some plot twists bullshit. hopefully kelsey becomes her old self again in the next book.

Here is my review for the third installment of the Tiger Saga