Monday, November 14, 2016

Graphic Attack

I feel like every other post I make states how behind I always am. But it's true. I just realized I have about a month (and some change) worth of books to post on here. Goodreads is the only platform that I keep up to date. But since it's also the only platform I use to keep track of my books, that makes sense. Any ways, I'll try and be better...Really, I mean it...Like seriously though.

The Curse of Camp Cold Lake by R.L. Stine
The 56th book of the original Goosebumps series

The Curse of Camp Cold Lake (Goosebumps, #56)The ending was a bit unexpected. I liked the ghost twist. I just couldn't stand the very last line. It's like, we get it. Just let the story be over with.

Afterschool Charisma Vol 1 by Kumiko Suekane
High school students deal with the fact that they are clones of famous influential people of history

Afterschool Charisma, Vol. 1Here I am, yet again. I keep telling myself not to read new manga series that I stumble upon but I can't help myself. The cover and premise were too good to pass up. And I'm glad I picked it up because I enjoyed it. 
It definitely could have been a more engaging beginning but it laid some solid ground work for the convoluted story to come. The famous clones are mostly likable and kinda funny. The reveal of Hitler took me a bit by surprise. I didn't think this story would go dark and with a clone of Hitler, it will definitely go there. This volume is so vague that I don't have any clue as to the real plot and I like that. I'm looking forward to being genuinely shocked with where the story takes me.

Spider-Gwen, Vol 0: Most Wanted? by Jason Latour
The introduction volume to an alternative universe where Gwen Stacy is Spiderman

Spider-Gwen, Vol. 0: Most Wanted?I know nothing about the Spider-Man universe that doesn't go beyond what I've seen in movies. I have a small understanding of who Gwen Stacy is and her relationship to Peter Parker. So reading this comic collection really confused me lol
Frank Castle is still a cop and not a vigilante, Daredevil works for the King Pin, and Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman. I just kept saying, "Huh, that's interesting", the entire time I was reading this. Maybe it's for the best that I'm not too sure what the actual backstory is in other spider-verses. I was able to allow myself to sit back and enjoy the ride. I hope my interest doesn't wane with the next volume.

Spider-Gwen, Vol 1: Greater Power by Jason Latour

Spider-Gwen, Vol. 1: Greater PowerI liked the first volume better but this is a great series. It momentarily filled the Ms. Marvel hole in my life. But now I have to wait for the next collection of comics from Spider-Gwen. I hope the guilt angle is over for her, since she's made peace with herself and Osborn. I'd like to see her just concentrate on kicking ass and being an awesome superhero.

Gangsta Vol 3 by Kohske

Gangsta., Vol. 3
I've finally gotten back into reading this series and I came back on a great volume. It's mostly back story which was beautifully done and I wish there was more of it. You get a pretty grim glimpse behind the curtain of Nic and Worick's past. It's dark and depressing. But it has to be told for their current relationship to make sense. And that little tease of the upcoming threat at the end gave me goosebumps.

Zom-B Bride by Darren Shan
The 10th book of the horror series

Zom-B Bride (Zom-B, #10)This series is just as crazy as I remember it to be. B is such a force of nature, even Dowling can't help but be swayed by her bravado. That's why this book is called Bride, since he wants to marry her. The build up to the wedding really made me think twice about how I felt towards the mad clown. His insanity doesn't excuse his evilness but learning a bit about him has opened my eyes. Even B saw a different side of him and hated what she had to do in the ending SPOILER which was betray him and steal the virus that will kill off the remaining humans SPOILER. It's getting close to the end of the series and I have absolutely no idea how this could end. But I'm excited to find out.